Boucles d'oreilles XL en forme de fleurs à 4 pétales en bronze et pigments acrylique bleu et orange. Peint à la main.
Boucles d'oreilles et bagues fleurs colorées rouge et bleu. Bijoux portés.
Galerie Sophie ...etc !

Blue/orange flower earrings

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Blue and orange flower curls in laminated bronze and hand-decorated acrylic peppers. Silver rods, silicone end clasps. Unique pieces. XL model.

Materials: bronze.

Dimensions: approximately 8x7 cm.

Technique: laminated metal, high-fired acrylic peppers.

Weight: approximately 15g.

Photo credit: Galerie Sophie...etc!


"A piece of jewelry is an accessory; if it has nothing to emphasize or add to a personality, it doesn't interest me." -Dora Haralambaki

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