Bague sculpturale ouverte 2 cercles en argent poli et texturé.
Bague ouverte 2 cercles en argent poli et texturé.
Laura Forte

Utopia 9 ring

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Sculptural 2-circle open ring in polished and textured silver.

Materials: 925/1000 silver.

Dimensions: diameter 2.5 cm, thickness 3mm.

Weight: 22.2g

Utopia 2020 series - exhibition piece

Technique: handmade + wax modeling

Photo credit: Laura Forte


The Utopia 9 ring is a piece from the Human Space Identity exhibition, it was presented at the gallery during the “Parcours Bijou 2020.

Laura forte mainly makes rings in silver, gold and patinated silver, geometric works to wear on different fingers depending on the mood.

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