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Collection: Alex+Svet RAINOUS

Alex+Svet offer their alternative vision of jewelry and objects, the result of a sophisticated fusion of traditional know-how, cutting-edge techniques and avant-garde design. They draw their sources from cultural heritage, contemporary and futuristic architecture, the world of design, fashion and art. and more particularly the Russian Avant-Garde, Pop culture, Art Deco, Abstract Art, modernism and Deconstructivism. The designers are keen to develop their original creations with a retro-futuristic aesthetic in an ethical and eco-responsible approach.

Members of the Ateliers d'Art de France, the multidisciplinary duo experiments with the mixing of materials, textures and shapes. Acrylic glass, the material of choice - commonly called Plexiglas - is selected for its unique qualities and its malleability. This noble and modern material, mainly recycled or recovered, is transformed by them in order to guarantee authenticity and impeccable quality. It is polished, patinated, tinted, thermoformed, embroidered and often combined with other traditional or unconventional materials.