Boucles composées de 2 coupelles mobiles, une argent doré avec clous d'oreilles, l'autre pendante en argent patiné noir
Déco Echo

Concave Loops

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Play of shadows and light for concave earrings in brushed yellow gold plated silver and black patina. The two cups are connected by rings for a mobile effect. Studded clasps. A light and comfortable model.

Materials: 925/1000 silver plated with 18k yellow gold.

Dimensions: gold element 2.5 cm, black patinated element 3.5 cm, length 5.5 cm.

Technique: handmade, Anna Krol design.

Each piece of jewelry is unique and handmade, so there may be a slight difference from the model in the photo.

To order an item that is out of stock, do not hesitate to contact us.

Photo credit: Déco Echo

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