"Jessie Bensimon considers jewelry as a sculpture integrated into the body. Composed, absorbed, the jewelry transforms its energy into a generator of poetic anecdotes. A sensual game is born from the touch and physicality of the earth, its capacity to "make an impression. "This striking, immediate relationship to intimacy, demand and quality is based on a purity of forms, the performative harmony of colors, transparency, the vibration of the pattern. The dynamic of reflection gracefully imposes these trappings of an enchanting femininity that asserts itself as sublime.

Detached from conventions, Jessie Bensimon's jewelry devotes its presence to the entire appearance of the body. That of a risky, intrepid, adventurous and free woman.

From seduction to transgression, the accessory reveals its embodied and natural imprint, its unique aesthetic of difference."

Caroline Canault

The designer is working on new pieces, they will soon be available on the site and at the Sophie gallery..etc! Paris 11th.