Guide des tailles

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Miyuki Koshimizu studied French and Japanese comparative literature at Kitakyûshû University in Japan. She notably discovered “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a work which greatly influenced her.

The designer has since been particularly interested in the hidden beauty of things and in what we do not see, concepts which have become the themes of her life. Hidden beauty is indeed rooted in Japanese culture. Beliefs in the forces of nature and the imagination created by what we cannot see are very rich in Japan. Miyuki respects natural existence, as it is. Thus, in her creations, she seeks the right place and the right shape for each piece, each stone and each pearl used.

It attaches a very deep meaning to the roots of each person because these roots give meaning to our lives. This is why she uses “Akoya” pearls in her creations, pearls that come from her native region in Japan.

A multifaceted artist, Miyuki is also a dancer. It is by dancing that she draws energy from nature in order to celebrate the life that connects all people in the world.